Training Courses

with Jane Teresa Anderson
consulting as a dream analyst for 22 years, and celebrating 16 years consulting online

Practical one-on-one training in understanding and working with dreams
Professional, Novice, and Personal Training Courses
by Skype or phone worldwide, or face-to-face in Australia


Professional Training in dream analysis for clinical therapistsProfessional Training
For clinical therapists, psychologists, counsellors

Practical training in applying my methods of dream analysis, dream therapy, and dream alchemy in clinical practice … More



Novice Training to work professionally with dreamsNovice Training
For beginners and intuitives with a calling to work professionally with dreams

Practical training in learning and using my methods and systems as a dream consultant or dream interpreter … More



Personal Training to learn how to interpret your own dreamsPersonal Training
For you

Learn how to interpret and understand your dreams for yourself … More