Consulting as a dream analyst for 22 years, and celebrating 16 years consulting online

Welcome to my Dream Store where you will find everything you need to gain intelligent, meaningful insight into your dreams and your life: consultations, training, mentoring, books, ebooks, and more:

Dream Consultations

Consult me about your dreams by skype or phone.

Your dreams reflect where you’re currently at and why: I help you to see how to move from there to where you’d rather be.

I help you to see solutions to problems, resolve issues, gain fresh perspective and insight, and improve your life at every level.

Dream Consultation 60 minutes
Ask me about a dream confidentially from the privacy of your home by skype or phone.

Explore your Dreams 12 weeks
You and I explore and interpret your dreams for an hour every week for 12 weeks by skype or phone.

If you’re ready to make a commitment to working with your dreams but finding it hard to go it alone or don’t know where to start, this is for you. I’ll be there each week to help and guide you through, and we’ll enjoy plenty of lightness along the way.

Dream Therapy 12 weeks
For deep analysis and therapeutic, healing results.

You might begin dream therapy because you have a specific issue you’d like to address, resolve, or heal, or you might simply be excited to begin a deeper journey into the self, to tune in and tune up, to prepare for your next steps in life.

Children's Nightmares 60 minutes
I help you to help your child.

Training Courses

Learn and apply my methods. Professional and Personal one-on-one training courses with me by skype, phone, or face-to-face in Australia.

Professional Training for clinical therapists
Suitable for psychologists, psychotherapists, psychoanalysts, therapists, counsellors, hypnotherapists, natural therapists, social workers, health professionals.

You and I meet by skype or phone worldwide, or in Brisbane, Australia for hands-on practical training in my methods of dream analysis, dream therapy, and dream alchemy, tailored to suit your needs.

Dream Interpretation course
Train with me to learn how to understand your own dreams or build the skills to be in business as a dream consultant or dream interpreter.

Mentoring & Guidance

Single or regular sessions with me by skype or phone worldwide, or face-to-face in Brisbane.

You might have a specific goal that you’d like me to mentor and guide you toward achieving, or you might prefer – as many of my clients do – to simply spend time with me on a regular basis to take stock, gain fresh perspective, or talk confidentially about your life, past, present, and future. You might want to include working with your dreams, or you might prefer not to.

Paperback books

Books you can cherish, leaf through, and keep by your bed.

Choose from 4 of my paperback books, or invest in them all.


Stock up your eLibrary, enjoy at your leisure.

Choose from 12 of my instant download eBooks.


Here’s what people are saying about the services I provide:

“You register as one of the most significant mentors of my life, not just for the depth of learning you facilitated, but also for your demonstrable compassion, which has been a source of inspiration for me.”
- Allison Christou, Brisbane

“Jane Teresa has been a wonderful guide – deciphering my dreams, helping me to learn more how to decipher them on my own, and to take real, positive steps forward in my life. She is amazingly intuitive, insightful and encouraging, and after each session with Jane Teresa, I felt energized, positive and good. Listening to the Dream Show podcasts and reading her articles had already helped me so much – but actually working with Jane Teresa directly is one of the kindest and best things I’ve done for myself. I feel truly lucky to have found her.”
- Sirin Storr, USA

“You have helped me process my past more than anything I have tried.”
- Renee Price, Ohio

“I was diligent to do visualizations for one of the dreams, and really feel good about the leadership qualities that have emerged in my life. I am no longer timid in front of the high school classrooms, and boldly give directions and feedback. Definitely a new development! Thank you so much for the guidance. I really enjoyed having Skype sessions with you.”
- Melinda Groves, Kansas

“Through the dream alchemy and Jane Teresa’s guidance I have been able to begin a very deep and peaceful reconnection with my true self and my gifts. It is like I have been awakened, with a new enthusiasm for my life and direction for my passions. For these reasons I cannot recommend Jane Teresa highly enough. She has a warmth and a wisdom that can truly turn your life around. I consider the work I have done with her so far nothing short of a blessing.”
- Belinda, The Day Brightener

“While being a charismatic and inspiring person, Jane Teresa has a listening soul and ability to understand and help define the big picture of your goals through working with your dreams. She gives practical and insightful guidance on how to take that all important first step towards your goal and uses a dream alchemy approach to break through limiting beliefs. It’s truly amazing! I was able to achieve my goals, which without her support and guidance I wouldn’t have been able to or would have taken me years.”
- Chantelle D’Ascenzo, Perth

“I have enlisted Jane Teresa’s guidance in times of confusion and am constantly astonished by her ability to listen quietly then cut through the chaos with one or two wise sentences. She finds the solution in my own words, which was hidden to me by my inner turmoil. It’s a liberating feeling and many times admiration has flooded me for this true pathfinder. She continuously inspires by example with her own life. Many thanks Jane Teresa for enriching my life.”
- Kerry Kroesen, Sunshine Coast